Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Watering days

So today was my day for watering. I almost panicked around 4 because I thought it was Wednesday and that I'd missed my time. Didn't want to disappoint anybody. When I got to the house the sun was still shining on the garden. I stood for a minute wishing and hoping that the carrot seeds hadn't all washed away in that heavy rain we'd gotten the days before. I decided right then to be gentle. I set the hose to a trickle imagining how slow the process would be if I'd used a watering can with the little holes in it. This is gonna take some time, wish I had my ipod. I started on the bed with the carrots cause thats what I had planted. Got down real close and let the water gently saturate the soil turning dusty brown into rich dark muddy earth. Looking like fertile ground I could swear I saw sprouts. I got about 4 sections done and I realized just how long this was going to take. So I turned the water up. It didn't feel quite right so I turned it down again and practiced patience. Daydreaming bout good food and loving community. Contemplating Lex's question today, about what we would grow in our Gardens- Peace, patience and self-determination, growing between thick bushes of love.
It took me over an hour, and a few mosquito bites, to water the garden. I appreciate the breath and stillness. I need to forget my ipod more often.

Why Gardens are Important

or because this made me cry.

Vita's Garden
by K Shalini


Shalini also has another film about the importance of water:
A Drop of Life