Monday, December 8, 2008

Reflections: Birthing a Garden / Midwife to Justice

Last Saturday we, ubuntu-grows, had an amazing workday and mini-teach where we got together and weeded, mulched, winterized, and learned glorious things about our garden.

We used old coffee bags for a "winter blanket" mulch cover for our beautiful greens...collards, kale, red kale, etc. We cut slits or "x's" into the bags, and then carefully threaded the plants through the openings. As we eased the plants through the openings I remembered the few times that I have been able to witness a human birth. Each time is a miracle. Each time a head reaches out of the comfort of the warmth within their mother and out into the world is truly a miracle.

As we eased the plants out from under the coffee bags, I felt a joyous gratitude for the birth of each of those heads of greens. I laughed with delight each time a plant was threaded through, as if I hadn't seen one come through just a few moments before.


As I mentioned the birth anology to my garden family, Beth mentioned that then we must be the midwives of this garden. Helping to birth and deliver these miracles.

This is my second week at my new job with the National Farm Worker Ministry. It has already been an eye opening experience, a new way to look at the world and our food through the labor of farm workers lives.

Today at work I came across a passage that echoes these thoughts on birth and food from the land. I suggest you use it before eating your next meal.

"(Name of your divine spirit), bless the farmworker, and move our hearts to remember and bless them well. The farm worker shares in your power as midwife to creation. Help us to serve as midwife to the living wage they deserve for their labor. Help us to serve as midwife to the cause of just treatment in the fields." Amen. Ameen. Blessed Be. And so it is.

So as we do our work, and we assist in the birth of our plants, our food, as co-creaters with the Divine, we are also called to assist in the birth of justice in our communities.

What birth have you assited today?

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mikel said...

You're a beautiful blogger. Thanks for the revelation about birthing and growing and supporting our farmworkers as we kneel down to the earth.

ubuntugrows said...

Yashna, I love the way that your reflections help me to identify my relationship with food that I eat and the food that I grow in such a different light...and I appreciate you passing along this beautiful prayer...
Much love, light and goodness!


lex said...

oh beautiful! i love this so much. thank you yashna. these connections are so divine and on point!

MaMa Nia said...

Thank you for that beautiful post Yashna and reminding us to be grateful for all our blessings.

Beth said...

yes! thank you for being midwife to these fine posts! and since i haven't said it enough yet, i LOVE gardening with y'all and all the creation it inspires. -beth

Kriti said...

Yashna, once again, you've told the truth, and told it beautifully. Thank you!