Saturday, January 17, 2009

ubuntu-grows wishes for the new year

ubuntu grew intentions for the new year, and we also grew...
"messages / wishes / prayers / thoughts for the new year"
and placed the seeds on our alter at the day of healing...

here is what we wrote...

opening up to....!!!!!!
deep breaths, peace, hope: more than survival
to breathe in boldness and push love into the air
to practice self-love with mindfulness and patience
impeccable self care
abundance enough for all / love love love...
to love / to be light / to be trusting!!! / to create in a spirit of collaboration + community + cohabitation
unbridled LOVE (and patience)
tons of healing, transformative, healthy love

*the image is from the "trauma stewardship" session that manju led


Sue Harris said...

Hey, that's a very creative idea huh. Setting your priorities for new year wishes.

new year messages

Bernice Jackson said...

Such a creative new year wishes in a pie chart. Thumbs up!